Monday, November 5, 2007

waiting for your tsunami

eating my shepherd’s pie and waiting for you tsunami
my heart is an organic pyramid structure
and ticks in the fashion of an antique coo-coo-clock
my blood sends shadow cut-outs of
old time composers, namely Sigfried
Wagner, Engelberg Humperdinck, Dr. Wilhelm
Kienzle and Richard Strauss, through
my veins
i’m waiting for your tsunami. my dried
protea eyes watching for the flight of your hawk
heart. watching with my telescope and binoculars
for the shadow of your heart on my water filled horizon.
i spoke to the grumpy professor next door
and he has calculated that it is about 4 hours
till you hit, and i know the dept of
your love and subsequently the depth
of your hatred. i can already picture it
30 meters of vengeance rising from your
beautiful fragile body
all those kilometers of sensuality
in the curves of your body that i loved
and orgasmed in, with blood and digital
contingency, now twisting up like a cobra
to crush my being
i’m waiting on your tsunami and remembering
how much we loved, as i move my
now empty plate away over the glass
i throw the newspaper to the side as i
see how you repeatedly sat out here with me
on this balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
how you smoked your cigarettes with shaky
delicate hands and we had to guard that the
monkeys did not steel our nartjies and banana’s
and how we laughed at their clever attempts
how your eyes could laugh!
…but now the flat is empty
and i’m waiting for you tsunami
while i sip on ancient tea, eating
a slab of top deck and breaking a wind
my heart still mechanically tic-tocking.
the composer’s tune in my blood
has changed to that of Don Quixote
and you are coming
i can feel you
approaching fast
i laugh cause the professor with all his calculus
and computers, knows nothing of women.
a whole community of people comes knocking
at my door, urging me to evacuate. i chase them away
with my own special brand of yoga-karate
and then i choose to sit down again and wait.
i know you my love, so i’ve been stocking up
on your favorite mayonnaise and chocolate cake
so as to soften your impact…
but chances are that you will be blind
and this will be futile
your fast approaching attack
as further defense i have put up three medieval
shields and asked and angel and 2 lions to keep watch
from the roof top, but i fear this will be just as futile
against your might
finally, 3 times a day I do ritual prayers with
wine and cupids to strengthen my pyramid heart
cause this is my only fear
if my heart folds, everything else will crumble
i have prepared and i’m intuitively ready
for your approaching tsunami
my phone is charged and switched on,
i have topped up with airtime
all i can do now is patiently wait and see
if i can withstand the impact of your anger
that anger that i traced in you, back to
the first sprouting of your family tree
back to Frankfurt in 1733
i’m sitting here
patiently waiting for your tsunami
…cause after denial comes anger
and i told you last night
that it’s over
that we have to break it off
that i never want to see you again,
and you were all to… calm about it

- ©Sjaka S. Septembir, July 2004, Durban