Monday, December 15, 2008

disinte-grace-tion 23

i can smirk and say i was the mountain over your earth
and that sings of me imploding into you
the dust of our skins is our sweat
yet, now it’s all far away and I grab at you
in my dreams. i realize you’re a throne
of which the legs are being slashed with hatred
i light a ciegie and open a beer
i cheers on your despair
no one can be trusted my love
i’ve washed my hands in your body and still
they are hacking, moving up with there pangas
to the gold silk that decorates the seat.
you do understand my position?
declaring loyalty to your party would meen death
so i just sit and nod my head to the tune
that there bashing makes and i force a smile
i’m faking it but it seems real
i refuse to participate in the violence
yet, i can not avoid being swept up in the turmoil
they boogie hatred whilst slashing the cushions
the terrible danger of it is in your eyes
i feel myself reaching out and being close to it
to your eyes
drawing you neer i spit fires of fish and
pacify the crowed for now
in my flow to you
i feel the crowds resentment dancing close by
a nine inch nail turns with in the cocoon
i push the peach of your sweet tongue away
i wait
i hope you understand
the small and vengeful will destroy their own homes
i will remain unsullied and disinterested
thus helping you to smile again

this is a time of disintegration
of collapse
and don’t make me touch you
we can’t boogie no more
don’t make to much of it

©2008 Sjaka S. Septembir