Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I have two languages living their lives in me. Sometimes fighting, sometimes walking hand in hand. After I started my Afrikaans Blog there were friends who only know the more European planet of English and they felt left out. So this English Blog is specially for you! And for my English poems who’ve been sitting around with long faces since they found out there Afrikaans counterparts were drifting out in a space with a lot more opportunity of chance encounters-with-readers than the floor of my room.
I’m basically doing the same as I’m doing with the Afrikaans Blog. Publishing an Archive of my work which has appeared in many different small publications. And secondly keeping this space here, where I communicate with you, as intimate as possible. Poems to me are all about true intimacy.


i want to become emotionally dependent
on you
i want to be independent for you
us immaculately interdependent
we nurture
and are nurtured
co-nurturing angels
spinning in a headless chaos
with our own holy invisible order.
you, painting a Jackson Pollock
on a grain of rice
while i create a dot on the sheet
with my wet tongue
toddlers in a new Rich
with adult smiles
while, outside
amongst the birds
love makes love

©1999, Sjaka S. Septembir, first published in Cybervaseline #2

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