Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Valentines poem

(for Talja)

dissecting Valentines day
securely carving open its flesh
in search of you
the truth of you
I’ve never seen you blush
do you blush?
do you speak in tongues,
with Dionysian bliss outside our orgasms?
can I slash you open to your youngest days
to where your stoned and singing along
to Alphavil’s ‘forever young’
to where you diligently pull up your school socks
and are in disguised wonderment about the world
that teases and hollers at your senses
o, my Valentines, can I rip open the super hero
shirt of this - the 14th of Feb 2006 -
and reveal a togetherness of us two
that fly’s to Pluto, a togetherness
that shoots out webs from our wrists
and stops planes from crashing into
twin towers, a togetherness that weeps
lonely mothers tears hidden in a room
and at the same time shouts out with fire
“Dis lekker om Talja te wees!!”
“Dis lekker om Sjaka te wees!!”
a togetherness…that holds the heart beat
of the sea in our every fragile embrace
I dissect Valentines
in search of all of this
in search of gently… finding all of you and
beyond this
stroking your cheek

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