Monday, July 30, 2007

Park In Hotel and the girl from Jozi

“Right on time, right on time, won’t you be right on time,
all night long?” – Neil Diamond

she opened the door, her smile ringing bells
we hugged and then she went inside.
i followed
her steps where virile kings and queens
her shadow that of a lizard
across the white tiles i slinked into her fortress
the way a beautiful city slinks into it’s citizens’ hearts
she climbed onto the double bed and made herself comfortable
her naked flesh lips formed some word like ‘debutant’
as she pointed at me
a song by REM filled the room
i poured red wine into a glass from the open bottle
she lit a cigarette and offered me one
erotic blue-green devils made a dancing glint in her black stare
she was wonder woman I was the green lantern
she suddenly got up, walked across to the hotels window and
dropped the blinds. in her subtle hand gesture
i saw the inferno dance with tecnomuffins
“We’ve got 20min before we got to be at Raffiki’s.” i said
she turned the lights down low and
lay down beside me on the double bed
my eyes slid down her soft black thighs
i could see a lacey red panty
i felt a fully charged bulge rise in my pants
as i turned to meet her i new we where going to be late
but as our lips met, my one hand digging into her afro
the other circling her knee
i knew as clear as surround sound Dolby Stereo
we where right on time

-©Sjaka S.Septembir, 2005

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