Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i blow up your vagina to the size of a billboard and hang it for the world to see

i apologize incoherently
with acoustic verve
i lay down chess moves in your brow
as i stroke your wanting thighs
you’re a little lustful one
begging for war in your snake
moves, belly dancing an allegiance with
Dionisus in red dusty clouds
i moonwalk hyhina back-words into shuffling my trickster
cards up my sleeves, looking to pull out the golden hard-on
that’s needed for this feast, a zippy fiesta
yet, your mouth is dry to my tongue
and when i taste the walls of your wriggling cave
it all goes Japanese on me
so i slowly recycle to goat skin tents of surrender, whilst my hidden
army marches around your walls with
psalms squeezed between their thighs
and the panty parts the ankles of the promised
land, and i do a NASA calculated landing
with gasping vector’s as blog’s and websites
swarm in the aura around your vulva, whilst planet
g-spot goes up in Nero flames,
goes up in the saddest pleasurable Moulin Rouge dirge
to hang against the eternal walls
of my guts white scented Zen art gallery
and waves wash through this 23h53 applause
from the crowed of barking heart angels
watching over us

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