Wednesday, April 4, 2007

bit of background on the ABSA-poem

I wrote the ode to ABSA-poem after their add campaign which was in the same line “my bank is… (add positive here)” accompanied with blissful images of happy people. The advert gave the bank a Godlike status.
I did a performance art piece last year in August which I called ‘Max Lombaard se droom #1’ in which I used this poem. I had beautiful colourful helium balloons and part of the performance had me handing out the balloons to people at the ABSA ATM at the St. George’s Mall. A whole range of different emotions washed up in the different individuals as they received these balloons. One woman gladly received the balloon, but when she read the message she let it go as if it was poisoned. Another woman hurriedly tied the balloon to her baby carriage and happily set off into the crowed. A beautiful picture.

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